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Tips for Writing A Great Story

Have A Good Hook…. Readers aren’t going to continue reading unless you have a really good lure to get them engaged.
The First Act…. The first three chapters… the set up, introduce the characters, the setting and the stakes. (about 20 to 25% of the story)
The First Plot Point…. Stories are a series of scenes but some scenes are game changers. The first plot point introduces a game changing event or element to your story which changes the course of the story.
The first quarter of your book hinges on the Inciting Event (Hook) and the Key Event. (First Plot Point)
The Beginning Of The Second Act…. The Main Character is still reacting to the First Plot Point but things are about to change…
Midpoint….(Second Plot Point) A major game changing event happens and the stakes are now very high. What will your Main Character do….
The End of The Second Act…. The Main Character must make the decision to take charge and drive forward to the end of the story. (To Act and Not React)
You are now 70% of the way through your story. You have upped the stakes, made the Main Character take charge and now things are really hotting up.
The Beginning Of The Third Act…. Events are set in motion to get to the
Climax…. This is the event that the whole story has been working up to…. How will the Main Character overcome the stakes? Game changing scenes come thick and fast. The Main Character has to be nimble to get through them all…but at what cost?
The Resolution…. How has the Climax changed the Main Characters world? This can be from a page to a chapter where all questions not answered in the climax get resolved.
Maureen Crisp 2012



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