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Winners: Egg Marks the Spot

Wow – I know everyone always says this – but it really was a tough job picking these. I enjoyed reading all your stories a lot, and I’ve decided to give out a few extra awards.

I’ll be contacting all winners by email to arrange posting your prizes, and yes, I will be double-checking that you’re not allergic to chocolate.

Without further ado …


 Junior winner:

Sarah Aitken (7) from St Mark’s School.

Sarah A, your story is so well imagined and entertaining, and it has an excellent ending.


Senior winner:

Sarah Peart (13) from St Kentigern College

Sarah P, you have a distinctive, engaging writing style, and your story has a well-thought-out structure that flows on nicely from the starter paragraph. Wonderful details – and great last line.


Fantasy award:

Margaret Li (12) from St Kentigern College

Margaret, I loved the dark, eerie horror-style of your story. It was quite different from any of the other stories, and riveting to read – in a nightmarish way.


Environment award:

Libby Downs (12), from St Kentigern College

This is a great tale of saving an endangered species from habitat loss.


Environment runner-up:

Lela from Motueka South School

A nice story about how exciting it would feel to discover a new species of bird.


‘Bad bird’ award:

Rebecca Campbell (10) from Sunnynook Primary School.

Rebecca, I invented this spot prize especially for you, because I loved your description of your villainous seagull. You were probably imagining a black-backed gull – known to eat other birds’ eggs. Have you seen this film of them raiding a nest?


Highly commended awards:

Phoebe Preston-Marshall (11), homeschooled

Phoebe, yours is a well-written story, with a simple, satisfying structure.

Peyton Morete (11) from Te Horo School

Peyton, you have lots of great action scenes, and I like the way your writing is full of energy because you use so many good verbs. Nice ending, too.

Ollie Gooch (10) from Central School, New Plymouth

Ollie, yours is another action-packed story with great characterisation and dialogue.

Annaliese Reynolds (12) from St Kentigern College

Annaliese, I really liked your story’s structure. It was a brilliant idea to find a source of tension in the starter you were given (Sylvia’s disparaging attitude to Red’s food choices), and use the story to resolve that.


School awards:

There were great efforts from three schools in particular, so they’ll each receive a prize package for their library (and undoubtedly some chocolate to share around):

Waikirikiri School

Sunnynook Primary School

St Kentigern College


I’ll be posting up the two main winning entries early next week, so you can all read them. Meanwhile – all winners – stand by to hear from me over the weekend about your prizes.

And do keep on entering, everyone, so the other judges can enjoy their job as much as I did!


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