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Egg marks the spot (junior winner)

Here is 7-year-old Sarah Aitken’s winning story:

Red and Sylvia charged towards the beach. They stopped short of the sand, and threw themselves onto the grass under the big pohutukawa tree.

Red snapped open his lunchbox, releasing a sulphurous pong.

‘You’ve got hard-boiled eggs again,’ groaned Sylvia, opening her own lunch.

‘My favourite,’ said Red.

‘Eggs are gross’ muttered Sylvia. ‘If I ever had an egg in my lunchbox, I’d throw up …’

At that moment, an ovoid object dropped from above and landed in her box with a juicy crunch – splattering greenish marbled goo and bits of purple shell across her raisins and carrot sticks.

Both kids stared. Red squinted up into the branches of the pohutukawa.  ‘There must be a nest there.’

‘What sort of nest?’ asked Sylvia, picking up a bit of bright shell. ‘I’ve never seen an egg like this before!’

‘An alien nest!’ said Red.

A slimy greeny-blue creature emerged from behind Sylvia’s back.

‘Arrrrrrghghgh!’ screamed Sylvia. ‘An alien,  an alien!’

‘Komdolistalictuqutal?’ asked the alien meaningfully.

Sylvia stared and so did Red. Its words obviously meant, ‘Can I have that egg, please?’ And, as nobody  said anything, the alien grabbed the egg and began eating it non- stop.

When it had finished, it yelled, ‘blurtinmenoger’ and fire shot out of its feet. lt took off into the blue.

Sylvia and Red could only stare again.

The next day, as Sylvia and Red were walking to school, Red said, ‘Ohhhh, l was looking forward to that egg.’

‘Eeeew,’ said Sylvia.

At  lunch, Red opened  his lunch box again.

‘Eggs again?’

‘Yes!’ he cheered. Then something gooey and purple came dropping down through the branches of the pohutukawa tree and landed with a glory-nificent crunch on her carrots  and feijoa, splattering bits of goo and purple egg- shell everywhere …

Congratulations again, Sarah!

Watch out for the winning ‘Egg Marks the Spot’ story in the Senior Section – to be posted tomorrow!


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