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Egg Marks the Spot (Senior Winner)

Here is 13-year-old Sarah Peart’s winning story:

Red and Sylvia charged towards the beach. They stopped short of the sand, and threw themselves onto the grass under the big pohutukawa tree.

Red snapped open his lunchbox, releasing a sulphurous pong.

‘You’ve got hard-boiled eggs again,’ groaned Sylvia, opening her own lunch.

‘My favourite,’ said Red.

‘Eggs are gross’ muttered Sylvia. ‘If I ever had an egg in my lunchbox, I’d throw up …’

At that moment, an ovoid object dropped from above and landed in her box with a juicy crunch – splattering greenish marbled goo and bits of purple shell across her raisins and carrot sticks.

Both kids stared. Red squinted up into the branches of the pohutukawa.  ‘There must be a nest there.’

‘What sort of nest?’ asked Sylvia, picking up a bit of bright shell. ‘I’ve never seen an egg like this before!’

Unsure how to react to this peculiar happening, the two gazed at the mysterious egg.  Inching his fingers away from her egg-splattered lunchbox, Sylvia anxiously glanced back at Red in disgust. “What in the world is this?” asked Sylvia. “It could be poisonous! I think we better just take it out of my lunch and leave it on the grass, just over there. Perhaps we just stay out of trouble?”

True to his audacious persona, Red decided that was not going to happen, he would be the one to take it home with him and carefully observe it.

Red scrutinized the egg, thoroughly observing it as he strolled back home.

“Did you have a nice time with Sylvia, Red? You were gone a little longer than usual,” questioned Red’s mum as she unlocked the front door.

Avoiding contact with anybody, Red raced down the corridor to his room. He was on a mission, determined to find out what this atypical oval was. Locking the door behind him, Red rummaged through his draws in search for some gloves. ‘Ahhhh ha!’ he muttered to himself as he prepared for his investigation.

Hours passed as Red worked his way into the early hours of the morning, gluing and piecing together the shattered egg. Thankfully, each piece that had flaked off of the egg had landed amongst Sylvia’s carrot sticks, making the egg simply a puzzle in need of solving.

Soon enough, his masterpiece was complete! Almost as good as new. Red smiled, his eyes lighting up like a light bulb. “I cannot wait to show it to Sylvia at school tomorrow! We can then further our investigation as to what this suspicious egg is!” he murmured to himself enthusiastically.

The following day, Sylvia and Red met by the swings at morning tea. He glanced around to confirm they were alone before opening his bag, unveiling the egg. “Wow! It looks incredible. Somewhat, magical! If only we knew what type of egg it was.” said Sylvia.

“How about this, why don’t I get my computer out and we can both have a look online. It could probably tell us exactly what it is!” suggested Red.

The two eagerly researched until they came across a picture that looked identical to the egg. They turned towards each other, with smiles as wide as their sandwiches. “How silly of us. It is one of those Cadbury Marvellous Creations Limited Edition Easter Eggs! See look, it is just like the picture. Popping candy, PURPLE milk chocolate and their infamous peppermint cream! Doesn’t it sound delicious? It must have not been found on an Easter hunt last weekend.” laughed Red.

The pair chuckled as they walked back to class. Giving a cheeky smirk as they entered the room, Red whispered to Sylvia “Meet you after school at the pohutukawa tree. I have this feeling that there may well be more!”




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