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How To Get Published

If you want to find out how you could become a published author, Michele Powles has some good advice for you!

There are lots of different ways to be published these days. Of course one easy way is to enter an online competition like Fabo – all the winners entries are published on line. Or you can enter other one off competitions like the the BNZ Literary Awards – they have a youth section.

If you like the idea of publishing on the internet you could write your own blog, and publish each entry on the internet for everyone to see. Some people are very successful at this and turn their blogs into books.

You can publish a book or short story yourself too – either online or in printed format. Google self publishing for more information on that or check out the NZSA information

And you can go through a publisher to publish something for you. Sometimes publishers have competitions, (Google writing competitions and see what comes up). Or you can go through their submissions entry details. They usually require a full MS (that’s a manuscript, or your book) and a query letter a long with a bio. Each publisher requires slightly different information.

You can get an agent to put your work forward to publishers too – they require almost the same information as publishers – usually your MS, a bio and a query letter. It’s a bit like going for a job interview – you have to tell them who you are and what your book is about, what is great about you and your book, and why they should pick you and your book!

There is lots more information on the internet but a useful place to start it with the NZ Society of Authors – if you join something like that they can help answer more of your questions and you can apply to get mentoring advice and support. Another great idea is to ask your teacher for help.

Some useful starting ideas:

The best piece of advice I can give about writing is to read LOTS and to keep on writing! Of course entering the Fabo Competition is great practice, and here’s all you need to know about Fabo:

Best of luck,
Michele Powles



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