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A New Fabo Story Challenge!

dr-smallThe talented Kyle Mewburn is this fortnight’s judge, and he’s just posted a new Fabo Story Challenge!

There are sets of either Kyle’s Pop Hooper’s Perfect Pets series or a copy of Dinosaur Rescue Megasurus Mashup #1 or #2 up for grabs.

The contest closes on Saturday September 6th, so enter now!

pop_hooper-smallKyle’s Story Starter

Here are the opening sentences to start your story:

Dad started to roll over, but I held him down firmly. I couldn’t risk him turning onto his side. He might notice the tight metal band around his head. Or hear the mechanism softly ticking above his ear. Beads of sweat dotted my forehead as I waited. If he woke up now and saw the screwdriver hovering above him, he’d know right away what I was up to. My whole plan would be ruined.

With a loud sigh, his body relaxed. Deflating like a balloon. A second later he was snoring loudly again.

I quickly adjusted the band then tightened the last screw, locking the mind control crown in place. I glanced across at Mum sleeping peacefully beside him. Her hair had fallen forward, concealing her crown beneath a thick fringe. If you didn’t know the device was there, you’d hardly notice it.

Perfect, I thought.

I flicked the switches of the remote controls. Two small lights started blinking in the middle of my parents’ foreheads.

“Wake up,” I commanded.


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