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Fabo 14 Judges Report – Melinda Szymanik

I loved reading your entries for this challenge. There were some similar plot ideas amongst your stories with Max becoming a lion or a person, but I was very happy to see that many of you also made Molly brave and assertive in the face of danger. Great work. And now the results…

Junior section – 10 and under

Sarah Aitken’s writing skills, and Ava Renich’s terrific story telling deserve special mention – well done guys. And the winner is Rebecca Wilkins from Willowpark Primary who wrote a well composed story with a chilling ending.

Senior Section – 11-13

Special mention goes to Meghan Valens for her great writing style – for example I loved this line: “With all the grace of a drunken primate I jump onto Max.” Awesome work Meghan.

My favourite story which wins the senior section of this challenge is by Peyton Morete. I liked the fact that despite his transformation, Molly continues to treat Max as her naughty kitty cat, and her resolution of the transformation problem is smart and effective.

The prize is a signed copy of either my novel Jack the Viking or A Winter’s Day in 1939 or my new picture book The Song of Kauri (plus a few extra goodies).Winners please email me at

Fabostory 2015!

That was the final writing challenge for this year. We had a lot of fun setting the challenges and enjoyed reading the stories you wrote. We hope you had fun too. We plan to run Fabostory again next year. Keep an eye on the blog for all-new writing challenges in 2015. Have a safe and happy Christmas and awesome New Year. See you next year…!!


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