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The Winning Stories – Peyton Morete and Rebecca Wilkins

Senior Winner: Peyton Morete

At first his grey fur shortened in its size and it’s colour slowly changed into a muddy brown. His eyes grew into the size of golf balls and were red, like the colour of blood. His legs turned into crooked limbs that were dodgy in many places. His arms grew into short stumps that were just useless limbs. Max’s tail grew into a spiked bush, the brown and grey colours merged together like watercolor artwork.

Molly was speechless, was she dreaming or was she awake. She took small and cautious steps backwards until she reached something to hide behind. She ducked down behind the dining room table and crawled into the depth of the tables legs,her body wriggled and wormed through them all until she was in the center. She clutched her pajama pants and the chair beside her. She rocked backwards and forwards, making sure not to create any loud or sudden noises. She watched as Max stumbled to the doors. He crouched down and tried to fit through the cat flap, but he was massive and would never make it through, but he still persisted. After minutes Molly couldn’t hold back the laughter. She just couldn’t as she was mixed with fear and joy. She laughed until she had to stop, after she quietened down she saw Max staring at her. Molly’s eyes widened and she froze in her position. Her body started to shake and her teeth chattered, the temperature had dropped so suddenly and she couldn’t help but move. She rubbed her arms to get the blood circulation back into them. The chair creaked as she accidentally knocked it, Max glared
at her and touched the window. Just like that it disappeared and Molly regretted choosing her position. Max walked in like it was nobody’s business and stopped at the table. Molly screamed silently and tried to shuffle back, she unwound herself through the dozens of chair legs. Molly was free and she ran to the stairs but she didn’t realise that the ground beneath her was on
a loop so that she would never get anywhere. After a while of running on the spot, she soon realised that it was a trick from Max.

Molly turned to see Max had a massive grin on his face, it may have been quite awkward to see since his body did not match his expression.

He growled at her.

“Maxy!” Molly grunted at her cat, “Bad!”

Max stopped and mad a weird sound, suddenly his size seemed to change. He was smaller and less uglier.

“Maxy boo bear, where have you been at this time of night?”

Max grunted and shrunk even more. Molly kept on this until five minutes had past, she didn’t know anymore words to say because she had run out. Anything nice to say was gone. Then it hit her, the answer was love!

“Kittywitty, I love you.”

She couldn’t see anything except pure white light. After it faded out, and she could see, she saw Max, lying on his side, his tail flicking.

“Max, I am so glad your back to normal.”

Molly reached down to scratch behind his ear, she picked him up. Kissed his soft, fur head and carried him up stairs. Towards her room.

Junior Winner: Rebecca Wilkins

Molly gasped in awe, and was about to tell her parents, but it was as if the moon pulled her back.

Maxs’ cold, glassy eyes bore into her own.

Just then she felt cold. And tired.

She didn’t care what was happening to her. And she didn’t know.

Suddenly she forgot who she was.

And in horror, she saw her own shadow transforming in front of her. Molly couldn’t remember what happened next. It was as if she froze completely.


Max looked at his paws. Paws was not the right word. They were feet!

Yes, at last he was human again. Why had he come into the garden in the first place? Maybe I should tell the world this house is cursed, he thought. No, I shouldn’t. People will think I’m crazy.

But I will always believe. And the fear of being turned into a cat again will haunt me.



Molly gazed down at her body. She saw fur, and huge sharp claws attached to what used to be her feet. I’m some kind of animal, she thought. She yelled out for help, but all that came out was a small, timid “Meeeeeowwwww….”

Something then emerged from the shadows. It was a tall, skinny thing.

But Molly was still frozen. It came closer. It was a boy and it said, “Molly, don’t be afraid, just listen to me and you’ll understand. My name is Max. You knew me as a cat that lived here. But I was not always like that. I was once a boy.”

Molly listened to Max and found out that the house she lived in was cursed. Once a year when a very bright moon came out the child that lived in this house would feel a sudden urge to go out into the garden, where they would be turned into a cat to take the place of the current cat. And this year… it was Molly who was to be a cat. And it was Max’s turn to return to human form.
It was a cycle that repeated itself every year. No one knew a way to stop the curse.

Molly’s eyes were shining in the moonlight. She leapt over the high wall. She thought that if she left her house forever, everyone would be safe from the awful moon-spell.


1 year later….

Louise was sleeping well, even though the moon was unusually bright. She loved her new house. Even though it was cursed…

But not anymore.


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