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Fabostory Judges Report – The Winners Announced!

Competition: 1-15 May 2015
Judge: Melinda Szymanik

Wow, it was very exciting to see the entries flood in to the inbox for the first fabostory competition for 2015 – there were 47 stories in total. Well done! (Please do remember to get your entry in before the deadline though, as those that arrive after the cut off will miss out).

There were some truly wild and imaginative stories, some wonderful writing, and I commend you ALL on entering. Keep up the good work.

My favourite stories were those that had a cool original story idea with a beginning, middle, and end, with imaginative writing and good grammar (spelling, sentence construction, consistent use of tenses and point of view). Some of you wrote great stories, but unfortunately they stopped before they’d got to the end. You got extra points if you made the story something to do with the museum. On the other hand some of you borrowed a little too much from the movie ‘Night at the Museum’. Amber Sowden was the only one to make use of the movie in a fresh and logical way.

I enjoyed Tara Shepherd’s inventiveness, the start of Amie Tunnicliffe’s story and Talia Bentley’s descriptions (e.g. – ‘page white face’). Chanel Currie knew how to write a good plot, with a good reason behind everything she included. I loved how Jessica Hargreaves had a character jokingly refer to our hero as ‘Russell Sprout’. Libby Cassie’s description of the path of the torchlight was terrific – ‘The light crawled along the wall and clung to the displays as it searched the room.’ Ava Renich was also very inventive with her storytelling.

After much consideration I got my shortlist down to the following writers – Maria Laurie, Charlie O’Connell, Hannah Stevens, Noah Fifita (who used the fantastic word hullabaloo in his story), Isha Walker, Phoebe Preston-Marshall and Amber Sowden. All of your stories were potential winners. But there can only be two …

My winners are Charlie O’Connell, and Isha Walker. Congratulations on two terrific stories. Please email your addresses to me at and I will send out your prizes.

Note: A new competition will start on Friday.


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