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FABO Winning Stories!

Here are the two stories Melinda picked as the winners of the last competition. Congratulations again to Charlie and Isha!

By Charlie O’Connell from Greytown Primary School

‘Who goes there,’ boomed a large man with an equally large British accent. ‘The museum does not allow trespassers.’ It was a cleaner named Jeffrey, Russell could tell from his museum uniform. He stood there as stiff as stone, then backed away slowly- “Crash!” Russell whizzed around. Broken glass lay scattered across the floor, the ship lay, “capsized” as well as all the passengers. They both gasped, Jeffery caught his eye and he bolted, Jeffery right behind him. Russell couldn’t believe this was happening he was a good boy, well apart from the time he broke a priceless museum artefact, half a minute ago! Russell turned to get to the main entrance, he had lost the cleaner, but he didn’t know if he could get out of here alive. Russell turned the next corner, the main entrance should be up ahead, but it wasn’t. He was in some kind of corridor. Russell looked around trying to find a museum map somewhere on the wall. He span round to see a sign above the doorway, “West Corridor”, it read. Russell gasped, the main entrance is the East Side, so that meant- ‘Hey!’ Russell turned around, Jeffery was back but he now had two security guards tagging along with him. ‘You won’t get away this time.’

‘I wouldn’t count on it.’ Russell replied and took of in a rush.

‘Come back you little troublemaker’ Jeffery shouted, he wasn’t running but the security guards were. Russell turned left at the next intersection and sprinted off back down to the Hall of Pacific. But he caught his trousers on a doorway that was open ajar. Russell stumbled, hitting the ground in a massive “Thud”! He started rolling of to the other side of the room. There was a big caveman exhibit he was about to crash into. Russell closed my eyes and braced for impact, but nothing came. He felt himself fall through the floor, had he come across a loose floorboard, or was he just dizzy. Russell opened his eyes, he was falling through the bottom of the whole museum. Russell saw the guards run over his head just as he fell into darkness…

Russell pulled out his phone, no signal. How long had he been falling for? Surely he had to hit the bottom soon. Russell saw a light up ahead. “Freedom”, he thought, the light started glowing brighter. Too bright to be moonlight, I must be heading to some secret cave Russell thought. ‘Oomph’ he muttered as he hit some kind of landing area. A big, bright, red X lit up the ground. Russell could see a small village nearby. He got up and tried to see how far up the museum was. Suddenly a big, red helicopter blocked his view and he scampered out of the way. ‘Greetings’ yelled a voice from up in the vehicle. ‘What brings you here?’ He was an elderly man, about in his 50’s, who was wearing ragged, servant clothes.

‘Well’, Russell began. ‘I was in the museum and I fell through the floor, and I’m just trying to get back home.’

‘Home!’ he bellowed. ‘I don’t know what you’re playing at boy, but if you think you’re going home you’ve got to be out of your right mind.’

‘What do you mean I can’t go home,’ he replied. ‘You have a helicopter that could take me up there as quick as a bird!’

‘He knows too much,’ replied the helicopter guy. ‘Feed him to the Landger.’ A crowd quickly gathered around Russell as helicopter guy dragged him towards the end of the landing area. The ground ahead of them sloped downward into nothingness. Russell gasped, was he going to go down there. Suddenly a giant, ragged dragon erupted out from the edge of the landing area, that must be the Landger thought Russell. A burst of fire exploded from it’s mouth, Russell felt like he was in a Hobbit movie. The Landger suddenly flew towards Russell and he knew he was going to die. But the creature avoided him and shot a fireball at helicopter guy. All the other civilians fled, but Russell stood frozen there. The Landger turned to him and made a gesture like he was offering a ride. Russell didn’t say no, he didn’t even say anything, all he did was get on the Dragon and ride to freedom.

Beep, Beep Beep, rang Russell’s alarm clock. He banged it furiously. ‘Morning Russell,’ yelled his Mum from the Kitchen. “Better get ready for your museum trip today.” Russell got up, really tired. He had a late night yesterday, planning his overnight museum trip with Michael Brown. He couldn’t wait for it to all go down.


And by Isha Walker

Russell gasped, then quickly covered his mouth. The last thing he wanted was to be sent home just as his adventure began! He had to hide.

He scampered as silently as he could up the hallway. He went around some corners and down more corridors until he came to a door.

Slowly, he opened it. A cloud of dust escaped out of the room. It looked like no-one had been there for a veeery long time.

Russell heard a noise from behind him. Footsteps! He didn’t think twice. Through the door into the musty smelling room.

It was full of boxes that were all different sizes. Most of them had been damaged, probably from age. The stale brown cardboard of the box he was sitting next to had sunk into itself at the top. A black figure of a cat poked through the lid as if it just popped out to see what was going on. Russell pulled the cat from the box, unleashing a big cloud of dust. He stifled a cough.

Where had the cat came from? Was it Egyptian? He knew from reading a book about Egypt in his school library that they were crazy about cats.

From what he could see in the darkness, the cat had markings carved into the bottom. He couldn’t see what they were but he was now sure that it was an Egyptian cat. What was those carvings called again…. hiero- hierogl- hieroglyphics! Thats it. Hieroglyphics were what ancient Egyptians used to write with.

Suddenly the door flew open. Russell froze with the cat locked in his grasp. A burly watchguard peeped his thick red face around the door.

“I can’t see anything, Bill. Ya must’ve bin hearin’ thin’s again.”

“I swear to ya, Jon! I heard something.” Bill said exasperatedly.

Jon snorted through his bristly beard and slammed the door shut. Russell could hear them arguing as they walked up the hallway. He breathed a silent breath of relief.

All too soon, as we often do.

The last thing that Russell saw was a huge pile of boxes laden with precious objects tumbling through the air toward him.

Then everything went black.

Russell groaned. Where was he? Then it all came flooding back to him.

That’s why his whole body was feeling like it had been sat on by an elephant. Slowly, he cracked open his eyes.

Why was he on the front steps of the museum? It didn’t make any sense! The early morning sun was shining straight into his eyes. It made his head sore.

Russell shook his head. What was that in the window display? The ancient Egyptian cat!

The light seemed to be bouncing off the steps and dancing around his head. I must be concussed from those boxes, he thought, my mind’s going crazy!

He decided to go back to sleep.

“Russell, wake up! Russell!”

Russell opened his eyes.

“Mum…?” he mumbled. “Is it time to go to school?”

“No, silly, it’s Mrs Fry. We’ve been looking all over for you! Where were you!”

Russell looked up at the cat in the window. It was probably just his mind, but he could have sworn that it winked at him.

“Oh, I… I got lost. It’s okay, I just slept in the foyer on one of the big couches. I’m fine.”

“Okay then… If you say so. Anyway, we have to get you back home, your mum’s been worried sick about you!”

Russell sneaked one last good look at the cat and hopped into the car.

And off they went.




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