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The Winning Story By Aoife Moss!


The Secret Project

Today was my lucky day! Dad had left in a hurry and the large padlock which usually stopped anyone entering his workshop hung slightly ajar.

Just to explain, Dad’s garage workshop had been out of bounds for as long as I could remember. Every Saturday after lunch he’d disappear into it. Then the whoosh of a welding torch, whirr of a riveting gun, or loud high pitched whine of a metal saw would start up, piercing the air.
“What are you making Dad? Can I help?” I must have asked the question a million times.

“Maybe when you’re a bit older,” he’d say. “I’m just working on one of my projects. It’s a secret.”

But not today, not for much longer, it wasn’t.

I checked to make sure no-one was around, undid the padlock, and carefully pushed open the door.

What I saw was better than anything I’d dreamed of.

It stood motionless by the work bench — shiny, silver and silent, and as tall as me.

Bet I could make it even better. Dad’s going to be so proud …


Perhaps I could finish it. Dad would be so proud. An hour later I heard the slap of sandals moving towards the shed. I rushed to hide- what could I do? In my haste I tripped over the foot of the sparkling robot and knocked open the toolbox. The tools clattered to the dirty floor.

The cold voice of my father called out sharply “who’s there?”

I held my breath, any minute now the door would be thrown open and I would be busted. I hadn’t intended to be seen, I thought I would just finish it off and slip out and no-one would ever know- until I confessed of course and dad would think it was brilliant. Just then an almighty CREAK filled the air. A few seconds later I heard the sound of a window being smashed, a giant metal toe clanked down millimetres from my head! A glimpse upwards proved that the enormous lump of metal belonged to none other than MY ROBOT. He had just resumed his correct position when bang! The door flew open.

“What are you doing in the shed” Dad screamed uncontrollably.

“I-I was just…”my voice trailed off. “I am very disappointed in you Madam” he bellowed. I hung my head. I was done for.

Suddenly the ground began to shake. We were both momentarily stunned. The Robot was ALIVE. I dive tackled Dad just as the Robot lumbered past, right out through the door. I sprang to my feet spurred into action, I had to stop him. However my dad was still rather dazed. “What is going on” he mumbled. “Dad we have to stop him”” I cried exasperated. “Yes, yes”’ dad muttered “I’ll have breakfast in bed, I’m not feeling great, I’ll take the day off work if that is okay.”

I rolled my eyes “Typical fathers, they create something awesome and can’t even control it.” Oh well, I sighed as I raced out the door and
then shrank back into the shadows. How could I keep the robot out of sight from others and follow him? I could follow him easily – but how do you hide a ten foot tall walking metal robot.

Whoa things are just getting better and better, I thought sarcastically.

I took a wild jump and clung to the robot’s leg for dear life. I shinnied up the pole of robot leg when suddenly I felt a tiny knob
marked- “good button”. ‘Well that’s convenient” I muttered angrily and rammed my thumb onto the red circle. The robot stumbled and fell onto the grass but just before I was crushed under the bottom of the robot he swooped his hand down and snatched me from my death. He saved my life!

Now I live a happy ordinary life with a best friend that is a…Robot and a dad who STILL doesn’t let me into his shed!


4 thoughts on “The Winning Story By Aoife Moss!

  1. Hi there

    I am just looking for a bit of advice and someone might be help me. My daughter Sarah loves your site and is also a vivacious reader. She also has friends who adore reading and I was hoping to put together a book group for them, where they read a selection of childrens books and they review them.

    These children have reading ages of 14 year olds however they are 8 to 10 year olds. Do you have idea of where I can start in relation to forming such a book group, where I can get a selection of books etc. I have tried some of the adult book club group suppliers and they do not seem interested which seems a shame. Book reading is also a great hobby for children, especially mine who can get through 11 chapter books in three school days!

    Thanks Kind Regards Susan Aitken

    1. Hi Susan,
      That’s great that your daughter is so keen on reading!
      Have you tried going in to your library and talking to the children’s librarian? They are very enthusiastic about getting kids reading, and some libraries run book clubs, writing competitions or other activities. Your library is also a great place to source books from.
      Some independent book shops are also keen to participate in kid’s reading. For example, Time Out Book Shop in Mt Eden, Auckland, have a very good kids’ book club and they have a guest author attend every month to talk to the kids about what they are reading. Other quality book shops with a large children’s section may offer something similar, or be able to offer help and advice.
      I’ll check with the other authors in the FABO group to see if they have any other suggestions to offer.
      Good luck!

    2. Hi Susan, we’ve had a similar challenge (though not started a book group)
      Aoife’s class teacher has started a “bookshelf” every kid in the class brings in two books and they borrow from each other to find good new authors… it seems to work.
      Also, the best library resources I’ve found so far for our gang were Taupo library
      I hope this may be of some use
      best of luck
      Ivan (Aoife’s dad)

  2. Waow! Congratulation Aoife for this fantastic story and Ivan for your Robot.

    Sending you tons of smiles from Switzerland


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