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A New Fabo Year Is Starting April 4th!

The Fabo team have struggled out of our writing cave. We’ve kicked aside the rubbish heap of old stories, broken sentences and worn out ideas. A new Fabo Story season is just around the corner!

Our first step was to fight over who would go first. Melinda won.

‘We need a story setting,’ the team cried.
How about a school?

‘We need a challenge,’ the team roared.
Let’s have 5 bonus words that have to be used in each story.

‘We need kids who want to write stories,’ the team whimpered.
That’s where you come in!

How To Enter Fabo

A new Fabo story starter will appear every two weeks from April 4th, with breaks for school holidays.

On April 4th, Melinda Szymanik will give you the first story starter – so don’t start writing until then!

Melinda will also give you five bonus words. You must use them somewhere in your story.

A prize will be awarded to the best story and/or most creative use of the bonus words.

Each story should be less than 500 words and must follow on from the story starter.

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