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Kyle Mewburn is Waiting For A New Round Of FABO Stories!

Kyle Mewburn is the next FABO judge, and his story starter has just been posted!


Finish the story. Send it in by Friday May 13th (so don’t rush – you have heaps of time).

Extra challenge:
Tell me your favourite word and use it in your story in an interesting or unusual way.


Jake’s tongue turned to sandpaper as the heavy footsteps pounded a death-march beat up the library stairs. The Hulk was taking his time now he knew his prey was trapped. He wouldn’t want to seem too keen in case a teacher spotted him. The sight of the school bully hurrying into the library was bound to raise eyebrows. Like seeing a vampire hanging out in a vegetable shop.

Jake knew the library was a gamble. At this time of the morning it was as quiet as a cemetery. Mrs Merlinsky, the librarian, seldom arrived until morning tea. But the library had always been Jake’s sanctuary. So when he’d rounded the corner and spotted the doors standing wide open like arms, some instinct drew him towards it. He’d sprinted inside and thrown himself behind Mrs Merlinsky’s desk. For a few, panting breaths, he’d even imagined he’d given The Hulk the slip …

“Come out, loser!” The Hulk grunted as his shadow clotted the door. “I’m not going to hurt you … much.”

Jake’s head whipped around, searching for an exit. Or a weapon. In desperation, he grabbed the handle of the bottom desk drawer and gently tugged. A loud grinding sound echoed through the library as the desk slid away to reveal a spiral staircase descending into darkness.

Click here to finish the rest of the story.

The competition closes Friday May 13, so get your entry in before then.

Kyle Mewburn is the author of too many books to count, including The Dinosaur Rescue Series and the Dragon Knight series. He’s looking forward to reading your stories!

2 thoughts on “Kyle Mewburn is Waiting For A New Round Of FABO Stories!

  1. Hi there Kust wondering if there is a limit on the number of words the students have to write? Regards Susie McCreery (Teacher)

    1. Hi Susie,
      There is no minimum word-count. We prefer stories to be under 500 words, but this is not a strict limit. If a story is over that word count we will still accept it.


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