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Maureen’s FABO Writing Challenge!

Maureen Crisp is the next FABO judge and her story starter has just gone live.

Enter on the website:


Finish this story. Send it in by Friday May 27th (so don’t rush – you have heaps of time).

Use these words in your story: Twinkle. Eldritch. String. Quaff.


canstock20613607The caretaker sighed as he walked to the library. This term was shaping up to be another nightmare.

First, Miss Green’s classroom had been trashed by Tina’s Show and Tell, then the librarian, Mrs Merlinsky had found a stunned student and a dead rat in her desk.

She refused to go back into the library until she had a new desk.

The principal, Mr Lancelottus, met him at the library door. ‘I’ll give you a hand, Jack.’ The huge library desk sat at the front of the room. Mr Lancelottus pushed hard against it.

The caretaker stifled a laugh. The principal was really scrawny. The heaviest thing he picked up all day was his coffee mug.

‘However did they get this desk in here, Jack.’ Mr Lancelottus grunted.

‘Maybe they built the library around it.’ Jack kicked the desk experimentally.

It didn’t shift. He kicked harder.

There was a muffled scrabbling. It was coming from inside the desk.

Mr Lancelottus backed away. ‘You don’t think…’

They both stared at the huge wooden desk. The caretaker’s hands trembled. ‘We could burn it where it stands.’

‘It’s the library, Jack! We’re going to have to break it up… and face the nest of rats inside it…’

Jack Bean knew he didn’t want to be a caretaker anymore. He could deal with a dead rat… just not a live one. He had too many nightmares about caves and rat pipers. He kicked the desk hard.

Mr Lancelottus looked at his watch. ‘I have a meeting to get to. I’m sure you’ll figure this problem out.’

Jack scowled as he watched the principal disappear at the speed of light. He glared at the desk.

It rocked slightly.

It was time to face his nightmares. He took a deep breath. If only he had…


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