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Sue Copsey’s FABO Story Starter

Greetings Fabsters!

Here’s this week’s story starter. The competition closes 10pm Friday June 24th.

Before you dive in, here are three top tips to get those writing juices flowing:

– Don’t know where to start? How about with a ‘What if’?
– Unleash your imagination and let it go wild!
– Don’t let your story fizzle out. Try ending it with a twist or a surprise.

Add any or all of these bonus words to impress the socks off me: wayward, quantum, seep, orb.

Sue’s Story Starter

“I think I need a holiday,” muttered Jack, the caretaker. “It’s all getting too much.” The clatter and clang of his mop and bucket echoed along the empty first-floor corridor as he swished away the day’s footprints.

Jack wasn’t one for silly fancies, but recent events at the school had him continually glancing over his shoulder and jumping at the slightest sound. Being alone in the chilly Victorian building after the teachers and pupils had gone home had never used to worry him. The silence was soothing, a welcome change to the clamour of six hundred students going about their school day. But recently, the silence had taken on a menacing feel. He’d tried to talk about it to Miss Green – a cup of tea and a Tim Tam with Miss Green was always helpful – but recently she didn’t seem her usual self.

He pushed open the door to the science lab and dragged his bucket inside. As he did, he thought he saw a figure duck down behind one of the benches.

‘Who’s there?’ he said. Silence. Then he noticed a curl of green smoke snaking up from a glass bottle bubbling over a Bunsen burner.

Finish the story on the FABO website.



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