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Tania’s FABO Judge’s Report

Wow, what wonderful imaginations you all have! I really enjoyed reading your stories.

There were thrilling tales of survival where the class was transported to a jungle. In some, Miss Green become a vampire, or monster. We had aliens, world wars, lions, zombies, a gargoyle, dragons, mutts, an angry chihuahua, and of course… rats!

Excellent Stories

With so many entries, there were LOTS of  stories that deserve a special mention. I’m sorry I can’t comment on everyone’s stories, but here are just a few that stood out:

In Bessie’s story, the class went through a portal to a forest where they had to survive. Bessie, my favorite line in your story was, “The portal made a weird noise, like the last of a milkshake being sucked through a straw.”

In Julia’s story, the class was divided into two teams – the Bogies and the Bloods. Julia, I loved the gates made of giant tarantulas standing on top of each other. You wrote a great story, with a clever ending.

Isla had the class have to cross a pit of lava, and poor Tom fell in. It ended with them being pushed out of an aeroplane – and I would have like to know whether they all made it to the ground safely.

Finley wrote an exciting story with zombies. I loved that the students had been infected with the zombie virus while watching horror movies. Great story, Finley!

Rebecca, I loved that Miss Green turned into a Gargoyle in your story. My favorite line: “I will lap up your blood as happily as a cat will lap up cream.”

In Lola’s story, Miss Green’s red eyes meant she could hypnotise the students, which was a clever twist.

Carolyn, your story was short but clever. I liked the way Miss Green melted in water.

Bronte, you also had Miss Green melting at the end. I loved how scary Miss Gree was in your story.

Lynette, your story had the darkest ending! Poor insane Lydia!

In Sophia’s story, Lydia managed to trap the evil Miss Green down a hole. I liked the line: “Kids and teachers crowded around her like a meerkat at the zoo.”

Montana had Lydia summon a white witch to deal with Miss Green who was an evil witch. I loved the tree covered in cobwebs in your story, Montana.

Morgan, your story was entertaining and made me laugh, especially the ending. Good Fun!

Jessica, I really liked the way your story was split between the point of view of Miss Green, Lydia, and Sam. And this line was great: “She ran her tongue along the bottom of her lime- tinted teeth, savouring the horror filled expressions.”

Ruby, your story was highly inventive! A little over the preferred word count for FABO though, so you might want make your next one a little shorter. I was glad they managed to unlock the spell that was on Miss Green in the end.

Finn, your story was excellent, and I especially loved the last line: “Just teach, don’t bite. That’s simple enough, okay?” Good job!

Matthew, your story was very well crafted – great writing! Clever Lydia creeping past all her classmates in the night to be first back to the airport.

Avala, I loved the last couple of lines of your story when Lydia turns into a vampire: “Well done” purred Miss Green “You have passed.”
When the full moon rose that night the two bats flew off up to the kingdom of the moon.

Best Use Of The Word Gloop

A lot of you worked the word ‘Gloop’ into your story very well. My favorite Gloop line was in Alice Sutton’s story. “A gloop of murky green slime oozed out from the crack underneath the door.” Well done, Alice. Your story also had a very good ending. I enjoyed it!

The Winners!

Your stories were all so good it made it difficult to pick an overall winner. But in the end I managed to narrow it down to two finalists. Congratulations Zoe Greenwood from Northcote Primary School (10) and Alice Moir from Carncot Independent School (12).

Zoe, I loved the way you built the tension up in your story, and your unexpected ending. Well done!

Alice, I loved your dialogue and this line: “Stationary swirled dangerously around her demon teacher.”

You’ve both won a copy of FABO author Sue Copsey’s award winning book The Ghosts Of Tarawera. Congratulations! I’ll email you for your addresses.

Zoe’s Story

There was dead silence. ‘Screeech,’ Lydia heard the unpleasant sound of the chairs scraping against the concrete floor as the walls started to slowly cave in.
“One by one,” Miss Green said with a smirk, “you filthy children will be called to the front of the class to recite your times tables from 1 to 10 in 30 seconds. Starting with…” she peered around the classroom and set her eyes on Lydia, who was cowering lower and lower under her desk by the second. “YOU!” As if on command, the walls shuddered to a stop.

Lydia slowly got out of her seat and shuffled to the front of the class, where Benjiman saved her some precious time to clear her mind by raising his hand.
“Um, Miss? what happens if someone doesn’t finish all their multiplications in 30 seconds?” he questioned.
“Well, Ben, if you’re so curious to find out, why don’t you go first? After all, I do hear a lot from your math teacher that you never listen to him when he is just trying to help you.” Miss Green put on an obviously fake smile. Lydia straightened up at the thought and Ben did the the exact opposite, he sank lower than Lydia did!

Reluctantly, he stood up and walked to where Lydia was standing. She then walked back to her safe chair, full of relief. All of a sudden, Miss Green spoke.
“Your time… Starts… NOW!” Flustered, Benjiman launched into an unsteady start.
“Um, 1 plus 1 is, no. 1 times 1 is 2. No! It’s 1! Um, 1 times 2 is 2? 1 times 3 is-” “Fiiiiiiive seconds!” Miss Green was so happy she was dancing!

“I’m never going to finish.” he looked up at Miss Green and winced. “Where do I go now that I failed?” without a word or even a quick glance at the poor boy, she pointed over to the corner of the room. ‘The torture chamber,’ Lydia supposed.

“Now, Lydia, it’s your turn.” Trying to seem confident, Lydia strode to where she had been standing 30 tense seconds ago. Miss Green repeated exactly what she had said when it was Benjiman’s turn.
“Your time… starts… NOW!” Without a second thought, Lydia began the worst 30 seconds of her life with a stutter. But, being the smartest kid in her class, let alone the school, she was already up to 3 times 4 in the first five seconds! Sadly, that still wasn’t enough. After her 30 seconds were up, she found herself sitting with Benjiman in the torture chamber. Not only had she let herself down, she had let all her classmates down. If Lydia, the brains of the school couldn’t do it, no one could! Totally discouraged, the next student made their way up to the place where your mind goes blank.

After the whole class had joined Benjiman and Lydia, Miss Green stepped away from writing on the board again. The second passage read: Stage 2: You all find out how unobservant you are. After a moment of confused whispering, the class settled down to hear what the evil version of Miss Green had to say.
“You kids are gloop bombs!” she laughed, and pulled something red out of her eyes. “Look at the date. APRIL FOOLS!” the class stared at her in disbelief, then erupted with laughter.

“Oh Miss Green, you are so funny!” Lydia hugged her favourite teacher in the world.

Alice’s Story

Maybe they really were cursed.

“Come on, Miss Green, take off the contacts and tell us what we’re really doing today.” John ‘The Joker’ laughed. He sauntered over from his position on his friend’s desk.

“Oh dear, dear Jonathan. You won’t be laughing when I’m through with you.” Miss Green rasped in a voice like nails on a chalk board. In a split second she was at the the comic’s throat, squeezing her steel-like hands around his pale neck. John’s short ginger hair framed his colourless face.

She only released her grip when he went limp. The cacodemon stormed to the board, leaving her pupil in a heap on the floor. By now her eyes radiated heat, and it looked as though wars were being fought inside her eye sockets.

Miss Green addressed them from the front of the class, “Shall we begin the test?” She smirked evilly. Red goop oozed from the corner of her mouth. Even the deep crimson seemed fluoro against her stark ivory skin.

She flicked her wrist once; the door flew shut, slammed by some invisible force.

Again; the windows shut and the blinds covered them in a wave.

Once more; her teacher’s desk soared over the childrens’ heads and rammed into the opposite wall. Lydia cowered beneath her desk like so many of her peers.

The demon cackled, “Hiding, are we?”

“Being tortured, are we?” Lydia muttered bitterly.

“What was that, my dear?” Miss Green glided across the carpet.

Lydia shuddered, but rose, “Why are you torturing us?” She challenged hesitantly. Stationary swirled dangerously around her demon teacher.

“Why not?” She answered simply.

“Who are you?”

“I am your teacher”

“No, you’re not.” Lydia stated, “You’re a demon, a spirit maybe. One thing I know, you aren’t my teacher. I may not have loved Miss Green, like, at all, but I prefer her to… to… you.”

“How dare you!” The spirit screeched, her skin was flaming, as in, actual flames. Scissors and rulers alike flew at the girl, but she dodged and they instead hit her desk.

“Miss Green, fight her. Come back!”

“Give up! Your teacher is weak!” Miss Green’s skin blazed brighter. Then went out as though doused by water. Her scarlet eyes rolled back in their sockets. The teacher collapsed on the ground. Lydia raced forward to check her teacher’s pulse.

‘Ba-doom. Ba-doom.’

The girl breathed a sigh of relief while she watched the colour slowly returning to Miss Green’s skin.

They were alive.

They were safe.


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