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A New FABO Story Competition Has Started!

Author Elena De Roo is the next FABO judge waiting for your stories, and here are the details of the next FABO story competition!

Before you dive in, remember the three top tips to get those writing juices flowing:

– Don’t know where to start? How about with a ‘What if’?
– Unleash your imagination and let it go wild!
– Don’t let your story fizzle out. Try ending it with a twist or a surprise.

The competition closes 7pm Friday July 8th.

For an extra challenge, include the word “evaporated” in your story. Good luck!

Elena’s Story Starter

Oliver stared up at the thin windows and grim, brick walls of Eel Creek School. He shivered. Even the motto above the school’s arched doorway was creepy … BE PREPARED. Gripping the letter from his previous school in a sweaty hand, he stepped into the dimly lit, high-ceilinged foyer.

An arrow on the wall, pointed towards the principal’s office. But before he could head that way, a voice behind him said, “You must be the new boy. I’m Lydia, your buddy for the day. Come on, hurry up, or we’ll miss it.”

“But …”

“I’ll explain as we walk.” Lydia strode ahead up a flight of stairs.

Oliver had no choice but to save his questions for later, and run after her.

“Our teacher, Miss Green, is on leave, and Principal Lancelottus is filling in for her,” Lydia called back, as she climbed the stairs two at a time. “Mum says, before he came to Eel Creek, he used to be a magician. So when he teaches a class, instead of ‘show and tell,’ he performs a few magic tricks every morning.”

Oliver started to feel a bit more cheerful. Maybe this school wouldn’t turn out to be so bad after all.

Lydia stopped in a corridor, at the top of the stairs. “This is our class,” she said. A burst of bright, white light flashed through the gap under the closed door, and the smell of gunpowder wafted out.

“Rats! We’ve missed the beginning,” Lydia whispered, opening the door gingerly.

Then Oliver saw her face turn white.

“Oh no, I was afraid this might happen,” she said. “Sometimes the principal’s magic tricks go wrong … very, very, wrong.”

Enter the competition on the FABO website now!



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