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Enter The New FABO Competition Now!

Kathy White is the next FABO judge, and her story starter has just been posted!


Finish the story. Send it in by Friday August 5th (so don’t rush – you have heaps of time).

Here are a few extra tips

Ask yourself ‘What’s the problem?’ in this story.

What kind of story do you want to write? A realistic story or a tall tale? Perhaps a doomsday story, adventure, thriller, mystery or horror? This will affect the ending that you choose.

Add a surprise or twist to the story before you finish. Readers always like a surprise.

Extra challenge: Try to use one of these words somewhere in your story – pulsating, mucus, or exsanguinated (that last one is quite horrible so I’ll understand if you don’t want to use it).


Aunt Lilian re-decorated after I visited her at Easter. She said she couldn’t get my tub of slime out of her brown shagpile carpet. She wasn’t very happy about it. Nor was I. I’d only just got that slime for my birthday!

Now, everything in my new room, from the chenille bedspread to the plumped pillows and the cotton floor rugs, are as white as an English Christmas. Why on earth did she choose WHITE? Doesn’t she know about the time that Mum bribed me to eat a tomato, and I was sick down her favourite white jumper? It’s a recipe for disaster.

“Where are you putting those boots?” Aunt Lilian’s sharp voice made me jump.

I looked down. My boots WERE filthy. I’d just got back from looking for platypus in Froggett’s pool, and the ground had been very squishy at the creek edge.

“I’ll leave them at the door,” I said, quickly undoing the laces. Then I long-jumped onto the bed before she got a closer look at the other filthy parts of me.

“I’m not sure why you kiwis feel the need to spend so much time outdoors,” she said, growling at me over her horn-rimmed glasses. “This is Queensland. There are crocodiles in the water, remember?”

I nodded enthusiastically. Australia was so COOL!

She rolled her eyes at me and turned to go downstairs.

I peeled off my socks and was about to throw them into the corner of the room when something slimy plopped onto the rug. At first I thought it was a slug but this wasn’t the kind of slug you find in your cabbages. Those ones are small, but this one was the size of a golf ball.

That’s when I noticed the blood running down the back of my leg onto Aunt Lilian’s rug.

Now you finish the story! Go to the FABO website to write what happens next.



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