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Michele Powles Is The Final FABO Judge For 2016!

Michele Powles has a new story starter – and it’s the final FABO competition for 2016, so make sure you enter!


Finish the story. Send it in by Friday September 16th (so don’t rush – you have heaps of time).

school-desk-cliparSTORY STARTER

The thought of putting his hand up to ask what was going on made Neal’s insides shrivel. This school was even worse than he’d imagined: no proper rugby field, no canteen, no trees and no friends.

Everyone pulled out paper and books and started writing stuff. But Neal had no idea what he was supposed to be doing and no one seemed interested in explaining. Determined not to cry, Neal held his breath but he could feel his whole body shaking from the effort of holding the tears in. Finally noticing, Mr McCulley came over and pointed at the paper on Neal’s desk before walking back to the front of the class.

“Blahblahblah, eatfiddle, snortgobbler, gobsmacker, bellyweather.”

Say what? The teacher was either speaking a different language or he was from an entirely different planet. Neal looked closer. Was that steam coming out of Mr McCulley’s nostrils?

Drawing a line of angry question marks on his paper for something to do, Neal screwed his eyes shut before opening them again. Nope. It didn’t make any difference. The new school sucked. This whole day sucked. He couldn’t believe his parents had made him move half way across the country to a town where the mosquitoes outnumbered the people by two hundred to one.

Life wasn’t supposed to be this complicated. You got up, your mum moaned at you for spilling your cornflakes, you tried to put jam in your sister’s hair but you got caught and had to wash the dishes, you got dressed, you went to school, played with your mates, and you read books. That was how the day was supposed to play out. Today had been all kinds of wrong. There hadn’t been any cornflakes. His sister had cut all her hair into a Mohawk and no one had even noticed and he’d had to start at a new school. The stinkest school on the planet. Worse? The teacher was definitely going wonky. Mr McCulley was growing spikes….

Now we want you to finish the story. Click here to enter!



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