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Get ready for Fabostory 2017

Sharpen your pencils, refresh your stock of writing paper, flex your keyboard-tapping fingers and get the cogs whirring on your imagination. Fabostory is about to get underway for 2017 and we are SO excited.

We will be using the same system that we used in 2016. We will post up a story starter (usually on a Monday) and we invite you to complete a story following on from that starter. You have until 5pm Friday the following week to complete your story and submit it using the online form. Make sure you include your name, school, and age on your entry. Ideally, stories should be no longer than 500 words but we understand if stories are a bit shorter or a little bit longer. You don’t have to enter every time, but we can tell you that the more you write the better you get at it.

We might set extra tasks like using particular words in your story, a particular character, or maybe writing in a specific genre/style (adventure, fantasy, horror, western, comedy) so make sure you read the instructions before each new challenge.

Each member of our team of authors takes a turn setting the story starter and judging the entries, so you will get to meet all of us along the way. Prizes are awarded to our winners and winning stories are posted up on the Fabostory blog. We often give some feedback too. Check out last year’s posts if you want to get an idea of how this all works.

You must be a primary or intermediate school student (or home schooled) from 5 to 13 years of age to enter. Our first story starter will be up next Monday March 6th. We can’t wait to read your stories

Best wishes and happy writing!!
From the Fabostory team



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