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A New FABO Competition And Beta Readers Wanted!

Maureen Crisp has posted a new story starter, and a new FABO competition has started. But that’s not all. Maureen’s also looking for Beta Readers. Read on for more details.

A Message from Maureen

Hi everybody in FABO land,

I need some Beta Readers between the ages of 6 and 10 years old for my next writing project, The Circus Code Series.

Beta Readers are people who read the story before it is published and write a comment about what works and what doesn’t? Is the story too slow? Do the characters need more description? Are the codes too hard/ too easy?

If you would like to help out can you add… P.S. I would like to be a Beta Reader on the bottom of your FABOstory entry where I will see it.

I will file away your email address and contact you when the first book is ready. (It’s not long! and I won’t share your email address around.)


Enter The FABO Competition Now!

Finish this story in 500 words or less and submit it using the online form. Entries close 5pm Friday March 31st. No late entries will be accepted.

You will get bonus points if you use all of the following words in your story: Floral, Supernova, Pedigree, Stink.

Maureen’s Story Starter

The school caretaker looked at the remains of his storage shed. “What a mess.” He shook his head. Scientists were calling it a localised earthquake. There was the heap of rubble in front of him.
Very localised, he thought. Just his shed.

The principal patted his arm. “I’m sorry. The insurance company is calling it an Act of God so they won’t pay out any money to help us rebuild it.”

“All my tools were in there,” the caretaker sighed. “The school tractor is under there and the mower…. All the paint and the pool chemicals are in there too….”

There was a slight shifting in the bricks and dirt then a slide of debris cascaded down.

The principal backed away quickly.

The caretaker stared in horror. “Oh no! I forgot I left….”

Click here to finish the story and enter the competition.



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