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A New Story Starter By Melinda Szymanik

Here’s a brand new story starter for May, and judging the competition will be children’s author Melinda Szymanik.


Read Melinda’s story starter and then finish the story any way you like. Your entry must be submitted by 8pm Friday 26th May.

Melinda’s Story Starter

Cassie hung her bag up alongside all the other bags outside her classroom. She unzipped it and pulled out her pencil case and homework, zipped it back up and walked into the classroom. Her teacher, Miss Fox, sat at the front of the room, hunched over something on her desk.

“Hey,” Morgan said.

“Hi,” Cassie replied, smiling as she slid into the seat next to her best friend, near the back of the room. “Are we early?” She glanced around at the other seats, empty except for Dan and Wiremu sitting near the windows.

Morgan checked her watch and shook her head.

Cassie thought about all the bags hung up in the corridor. Where was everybody?

Miss Fox looked up.

“She looks different,” Cassie said.

“Are her eyes glowing?” Morgan asked.

“And her skin? “Cassie replied nodding slowly. “That’s a weird colour.”

“I know, right?”

The two girls leaned closer together.

“What’s that on the desk? Is that a pile of little lego people?” Cassie whispered.

“They’re moving,” Morgan whispered back.

“Are … are those … are they … is that the rest of our class?” Cassie breathed. “Morgan. We have to do something.”

Suddenly Dan burst out laughing. Wiremu grinned at his mate.

Miss Fox rose slowly to her feet. She stuck out her arm, her open hand facing Dan. She bent her head towards him. A beam of light shot from each of their teacher’s eyes, blasting Dan. In an instant he was a tiny squirming figure clutched between her fingers.

Now go here to finish the story.


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