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A New FABO Story Competition To Enter!

Authors Tania Hutley and Melinda Szymanik will be sharing the judging duties for the next competition. To kick things off, Tania has posted a new FABO Story starter. To enter the competition, just finish her story in 500 words or less and submit it using the online form. Good luck!


Read Tania’s story starter and then finish the story any way you like. Your entry must be submitted by 8pm Friday 9th June. No late entries will be accepted.

Tania’s Story Starter

After school, a group of us usually walk home together. Usually we go straight home, but that day for some reason, we decided to head down to the river.

It’s quite a walk to get there, so we don’t often go. And it’s a bit spooky. The trees are so tall, it’s always dark and muddy. There’s no sunlight, but somehow the plants still grow so thick they can trip you up. I’ve seen spiders there as big as dinner plates.

That day, a couple of us were throwing stones into the river when I heard Maria yell from a little way off.

“Hey, come here, you guys. I found something.”

We had to push through a patch of thick bush to follow her voice, and almost went right past her.

Then we saw her feet sticking out of the ground.

“Maria,” I gasped. “Are you okay?”

Her voice was muffled. “You’re not going to believe this.” Then she gave a little shriek and her feet disappeared…

Finish the story on the FABO Website now!



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