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A New FABO Story Competition has begun!

Enter the new FABO Story Competition now! Suzanne Main, the author of How Not To Stop A Kidnap Plot and How I Alienated My Grandma, has written a story starter. Finishing the story is up to you!

This year, the Fabosters are having fun with Time Travel. A reluctant duo travels through time and space.

(Melinda Szymanik is judging the previous competition entries and winners will be announced soon).


1. Read the story starter and continue the story.

2. Your story should be no more than 500 words.

3. You have two weeks to write your story, so there’s no need to rush! Take your time and send us the best story you can write.

4. Send your story to us by 8pm Friday June 8.

5. Every fortnight a children’s author will post a new story starter for you. The stories will follow on with the same two characters.

6. The winner of the previous competition will be announced on this website a few days after that competition closes.

Illustration by Ronja Schipper

Lost in the PE Shed Vortex: Episode Three

“No way!” David walked beside Ella across the playground. “I refuse to go time travelling again.” The pair had found an old cane hoop in the P.E. shed. Twice before they’d stepped into it and been transported back in time. Now Ella wouldn’t stop bugging David to go again.

“Don’t be a wuss.” Ella turned to face him. “We had a great adventure last time.”

“We only just escaped! What if we get trapped in a different time?”

Ella groaned.

“If you think it’s safe, go by yourself,” replied David.

Ella scowled. “It’s no fun by myself.”

“Then take Ratty.” David wrenched open the shed door. A loud rustling erupted from one corner but neither he nor Ella flinched. They’d grown accustomed to the large rat who lived inside the shed. “There he is.” David pointed toward a shadowy shape lurking in the gloom.

“Hi, Ratty.” Ella stepped closer and her forehead creased into a surprised frown. She crouched and let out a cry. “There’s something in his mouth.” Ella stretched her arm forward. The rat squealed. Ella tugged. Ratty tugged back. Ella gave a mighty yank and stumbled backwards.

When Ella righted herself, a strange bracelet dangled from her fingers. The band was woven from thousands of fine silvery threads. At its centre a large red stone glowed.

“Where did Ratty get that?” As David watched, Ella rubbed her thumb across the stone. A translucent cloud of light bloomed between them as though projected by the stone. At its centre, the shimmering figure of a girl appeared. She looked to be about the same age as David and Ella.

“Wow,” said David, “a hologram.”

‘What’s that?” asked Ella.

“It’s like a 3D film,” said David. “I’ve only ever seen them in sci-fi movies.”

“Ex-cuse me!” The figure in the cloud put her hands on her hips. “I am not a hologram. I am Sissy Version 7.3.”

“What’s Sissy Version 7.3?” demanded Ella.

“No idea,” said David, “But I’m beginning to think Ratty has been solo time travelling and stolen it from the future.”

Ella grinned. “Good work, Ratty. I bags we keep it.”

“That will not be possible.” Sissy 7.3 turned her tiny head and waggled her forefinger at Ella. “This device is registered to Aramaya Abalonia. If you fail to return it, I will deploy the failsafe detonator.”

Ella gulped. “Detonator? When?”

“Twenty-three minutes and six seconds.” Sissy 7.3’s bland face showed no sign that she’d just threatened to blow them all up.

Ella eyed the bracelet in horror. “I don’t know exactly what Sissy means, but I’ve changed my mind. This… thing needs to go back before it…”

“Detonates?” offered David.

“Yeah. I’m taking it back right now and you have to help me.”

David nodded reluctantly. Feeling the familiar thrill of fear, he stepped into the cane hoop. Ella’s hand grabbed his. Sissy 7.3 floated nearby. Ratty clung by his teeth to David’s shoelace.

Then they were off, whizzing across time.

Now You Finish The Story…


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