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Ready for a new FABO Story Competition?

Are you ready for a new FABO Story Competition? Author Michele Powles has written a new story starter. Finishing the story is up to you!

This year, the Fabosters are having fun with Time Travel. A reluctant duo travels through time and space.


1. Read the story starter and continue the story.

2. Your story should be no more than 500 words.

3. You have two weeks to write your story, so there’s no need to rush! Take your time and send us the best story you can write.

4. Send your story to us by 8pm Friday June 22.

5. Every fortnight a children’s author will post a new story starter for you. The stories will follow on with the same two characters.

6. The winner of the previous competition will be announced on this website a few days after that competition closes.

Illustration by Ronja Schipper

Lost in the PE Shed Vortex: Episode Four

David had never spent much energy thinking what falling through time would feel like. He’d never considered the way it might steal the air from his lungs, the water from his eyes, the lunch from his stomach…

“That’s gross,” Ella said as David finished hurling in the bushes.

“That was the worst trip yet,” said David when he was finally able to talk. “I thought the first one was bad, and the second was worse, but coming to the future rather than the past is like…” he vomited again.

“Detonation will commence in nineteen minutes and four seconds.” David swung his glance to the hologram floating above the bushes he’d just vomited in. The Sissy version 7.3 looked normal enough: straight blonde hair, freckled skin, but there was an emptiness in her brown eyes that was creepy. She definitely looked like something that wouldn’t think twice about blowing them all up. “We’ve got to get that bracelet back.”

“Absolutely,” Ella replied. “I was thinking of asking those guys if they could take us to Aramaya Abalonia’s house to return the bracelet, but now I’m not sure I want to.”

David looked over to the edge of the sports field she was pointing at. Or rather what would have been a sports field if they weren’t in the future. There were no nets here, no trees, just the scrubby bushes like the ones they’d landed in, and beyond them, glistening buildings that looked like they might take off any minute. Ten boys stood in a semi-circle wearing a weird version of his usual school uniform. Same shorts, same shirt, but instead of shoes they had silver boots and instead of hats on their heads, well, they didn’t have heads. They had silver glinting orbs on their shoulders, no eyes, no mouths, nothing but a weird shifting shimmer that made David’s eyes water after looking at it for five seconds.

“Are they aliens?” he whispered to Ella.

“I guess so. This must be what school looks like in the future. Although I don’t see any teachers and those classrooms look all kinds of wrong.”

The boys started walking towards them and with every step they muttered Strangers alert, stranger alert.

“Detonation will commence in Eighteen minutes,” the hologram said.

“Gee thanks,” said Ella. “This place is full of great choices, stay put and get blown up, or chat with creepy alien blob-heads who don’t seem to want us here.”

David ignored her. “Where do we take the bracelet?”

The Sissy Hologram pointed directly at the boys. David gulped. But just then Ratty the rat jumped from where he’d been sitting on David’s shoe, snatched the bracelet from Ella’s hand and started sprinting towards the no-head-shimmer boys…

Now You Finish The Story…


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