We give you the beginning of the story and you write what happens next!

The Last FABO Competition

The tenth FABO Story competition has now closed. Author Jane Bloomfield is reading your stories. The winner will be posted here by Wednesday July 8th. Check back then to read Jane’s report!

The Next FABO Competition

The FABO team are taking a break for the school holidays. The eleventh FABO Story competition will be judged by author Melinda Szymanik and will start on July 20th. Melinda’s story starter will be posted on Monday July 20th, along with the details of how to enter. See you then!

706 thoughts on “We give you the beginning of the story and you write what happens next!

  1. i’m doing this for school so can you send me an email saying who the winners are when it’s time???

  2. I read a comment saying that it was okay for the word limit to be under 550 but now I have just sent it and when I looked at this : https://fabostory.wordpress.com.faqs it said that the number of words had to be under 500. I am unsure what the word count has to be now… but my main point is is it okay to have just over 500 words?

  3. Does it matter if your story is 544 words or is that too long? I really love the freedom and wonder of this marvelous tale!

  4. hi, are the judges looking for a creative story, or can it be just really well written to win?

    1. Each competition has a different judge so there is no cross-over between competitions. It’s up to that week’s judge to choose the best story, and they could choose a story written by someone who has won before.

  5. I LOVE Sue Copsey’s story starter! It’s got so many possible story endings!
    Thank-you SO MUCH for Fabo!!

  6. next week can we please be allowed more words
    when first wrote it it was 1145 words
    I find it hard to write short story’s 😦

  7. Hi! I entered my story, it went through and then I realised my email was wrong! I forgot the s. So I went back and entered again with the new email! I hope my old entry deleted! But I am not quite sure.

  8. Hi! I thought I submitted my last story, but it appears not to have entered. What should I do? Is there any way I can still enter?

    1. Hi there. You can enter the current competition by filling in the form. The previous competition closed on Saturday and late entries can’t be accepted.

  9. Hi, I love Fabo! I was just wondering if you could post the new story starter the minute the old one finishes? And also, I would like to say that I would LOVE if you could keep doing new story starters once a week!

  10. This story starter is awesome so so so awesome but I have no clue how to write in present tense can Iwrite in past tense?????? I love this story starter it is so imaginative and allows you to interpret as you please!!!

  11. hi there, I have written my story and submitted it, but then the page reloaded and I am not sure if the story got to you guys, would it be ok if I write my story again and re-sended to make sure I had a entry?

  12. Apart from being nervous this was GREAT 9/10 rating I really enjoyed this it was a great time writing tanks

  13. hello there my name is rose and i am a lover of cats i loved publishing this and it was super fun! the one thing i didn’t like was when i left to go turn music on or something like that like when i left the website and i come back and everything i wrote was gone otherwise like it!

  14. Does it make a difference on how old you are? Like would a 10 year old thatw as great at writing get a better chance that a 13 year old??

  15. That was such an imaginative story and the author must have put so much work into doing that amazing story starter. I only did around 400 words is that okay or do I have to do 500 exactly?
    Well done to anyone who did this story starter as it really gets your thinking cap stuck on.

  16. hi, thank you so much for the latest story starter. it’s really exciting! I’m just wondering- how did Fabo get it’s name? thanks

  17. Hi, I had enter my story to the competition already done but my laptop restarted and closed all of the tabs. Will my writing still be read by the Judges. I also wrote it in a document.

  18. I LOVE 🥰🥰🥰 Helen Fletcher’s story starter! It’s so good. I love it! Thanks so much for having this set up. It’s a life safer during lockdown.😁😁😁

  19. I accidentally closed the tab with my fabostory, and I don’t have it written anywhere else. Is there a way to get it back, or is it gone forever? Do I have to start again?

      1. We recommend writing your story in Word (or similar) and then copying it into the website. If you refresh the webpage before sending your entry, any information you entered will be lost.

  20. my story had 460 words is that too much under or does it not matter how much under the story is also will there be a new story every week?

      1. Oh no my story is too long! It said that there was a maximum of 550 words but now it says the limit is 500. Can I edit my story to make it 500 words?

      2. 550 words is okay, but no more than that. If you want to edit your story, you can send it through to us again with a note saying you’ve edited it and would like the new version to be the one included in the judging.


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