FABO Story Has Finished

★ We’re sorry to announce that the FABO authors will not be running any more FABO Story competitions. 

★ This website will go offline in the next few weeks.

★ Thank you for entering our competitions over the last few years. We loved reading your stories. Happy writing!   

850 thoughts on “FABO Story Has Finished

    1. It’s different for every competition. Sometimes there can be as few as 30 entries, and sometimes there can be as many as 150 entries. We never know how many we’ll get.

  1. i didn’t mean to but i pressed on older comments and it restarted my whole story because i was just looking around and it happened so how do i get my story back???????

    1. A cliffhanger isn’t a satisfying ending for the reader because they want to know what comes next. You can finish your story any way you like, but our judges prefer satisfying endings, so you have a better chance of winning if you finish your story accordingly.

  2. Hi there what are some good tips for first timers so that they get a good chance at winning

    1. Hi there. If you go to the BLOG section of the website, you can look at all the past reports from the judges. Read the winning stories and the judges’ comments from a few of those past reports, and you will get a good idea of what the judges are looking for.

    1. Hi there. You don’t need a title, and we prefer you not to end your story with ‘it was all a dream’, as it’s not a satisfying end to a story.

  3. I already did the story and pushed submit and the next day when i logged in and it has that stuff where i have to put my name down and everything like that, is it supposed to do that?

  4. Kia Ora Fabo Story
    I love this competition, and it was a great boredom-buster in lockdown. I looked forward to the end of every week because of this.I’m so glad Fabo is still going strong!
    Thanks for everything!

  5. Hi there will you still read our story if it’s got 520 words our will you not?

  6. Hi, are there any NZ website to enter storyline’s without a story starter for kids?

    1. Hi there. All the other writing competitions we know about are on the ‘Other Writing Competitions’ page. The link is at the top of this website.

    1. You can use emojis if you want to, but the story needs to stand in its own right without them. If something in the story is scary, you still need to show the fear in your writing, rather than just putting a scared emoji.

    1. Often the mystery prize will be a book. The prize is donated by the author judging the competition, so it’s up to them what the prize will be.

    1. There is no minimum word length for your story, but a very short story of just a few sentences is unlikely to win. Have a look at past winners for a good indication of how long your story should be.

      1. Click on the ‘Blog’ link at the top of this website and read the judges’ reports from previous competitions. The winner’s story for the competition is at the bottom of each report.

  7. Hello, I was wondering when the results for ‘Adventure on Stewart Island’ come out?

  8. Hello. When we write the ending of the story, does the story have to finish or can we leave the story at a cliffhanger?

    1. HI there. I’m sorry, we’ve never counted. There are usually around ten competitions each year and entry numbers vary for each one. Usually we might get anywhere between around 30 to 150 entries for each competition.

  9. Hi, I love Fabo sooo much… especially in lockdown
    Can I enter more than one??

    1. Hi there. We’re happy you enjoy entering, but please enter each competition only once. Check the FAQ section of the website if you need more information about FABO rules.

  10. Oh i see a lot of people have already asked when its starting 2021. But idk what term 2 is. Could you explain?

    1. where i live and many other places, there are 4 school terms for around 10 weeks. so by saying term 2 ur basically saying the second term of the school year

  11. I entered two – does that mean that they both have an equal chance of getting some mention?

    1. You can EITHER use one of the poetry prompt lines somewhere in your poem, OR write a poem using one of the pictures as inspiration INSTEAD of one of the poetry prompt lines.

  12. I love to write stories and I just saw that “my life as a roach” was the last one of the year! What other writing competitions can I do? Thank you

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