FABO Story Has Finished

★ We’re sorry to announce that the FABO authors will not be running any more FABO Story competitions. 

★ This website will go offline in the next few weeks.

★ Thank you for entering our competitions over the last few years. We loved reading your stories. Happy writing!   

850 thoughts on “FABO Story Has Finished

  1. Kia ora FABO Authors,
    I just wanted to comment and tell all of you amazing authors how much this website and it’s competitions mean to me. FABO has given me a platform to grow and develop in my writing skills over the years, and unfortunately, as I will be turning fourteen later this year I will no longer be able to enter the competitions.
    Because of this I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you, for the hard work you have put into Fabo and how much you have all helped me grow to become a better writer.
    As I’m sure you know, there are not many writing competitions available for younger writers out there, so your site has become the perfect place for many young writers to learn how to tell better stories, and develop our creative storytelling skills.
    So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating FABO and working so hard, and putting in so much effort in order to run and judge these competitions.
    Happy writing!
    Ka kite ano

    1. Hi Indigo. Thank you so much for your lovely message – it means a lot. The entire FABO team has loved reading your stories over the last few years. We’ve all been hugely impressed by your talent, and we’re certain you have a very bright future in front of you. We’ll miss reading your stories next year, and wish you all the very best with your writing.

    2. Hi Indigo, I’m Samantha, I’m 12 and I have allways loved reding your stories. I have no idea who you are, but I often see your name in the reports, for first place, or at least runner up. You have inspired me, and I want to see my name in the reports just as much as yours was! Thank you for showing me how awesome a kid’s writing can be.

      1. Hi Samantha,
        Thank you so much for your lovely words – they made my day 🙂
        Your poem about riding your horse was AMAZING and so beautifully written- I loved it!
        I’m glad that you have enjoyed reading my stories; and I hope you continue writing and entering Fabo next year.
        Happy Writing!

    1. It’s different for every competition. Sometimes there can be as few as 30 entries, and sometimes there can be as many as 150 entries. We never know how many we’ll get.

  2. Hi. Does our chosen poetry prompt (referring to the text ones) have to be featured in our poem as one of our lines or can the prompt be apart of a line? For example, does it have to be [my text] (next line) [poetry prompt] or can it be [my text] , [poetry prompt] (one line)? Hope that’s not too confusing. Thanks! 😊

    1. Yes, you can use a different one for each poem. (You’re allowed to enter two poems). You can also use more than one in a single poem if you like – it’s completely up to you.

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