We give you the beginning of the story and you write what happens next!

Thank you for entering the FABO Story competitions for 2019. We loved reading your stories and being inspired by your brilliant characters, breath-taking plots, and jaw-dropping story twists!

FABO Story competitions have now wrapped up for 2019 and will be back in 2020. They run during Term 2 and Term 3 of the school year, and every fortnight during that time there will be a new story to write and a new competition to enter.

We look forward to reading more of your stories then. In the meantime, KEEP WRITING! (You can also check the ‘Other Writing Competitions’ page on this website for other competitions to enter).

– The FABO Team

311 thoughts on “We give you the beginning of the story and you write what happens next!

  1. I do love fabo, but the ‘Lost in the PE shed vortex’ stories are getting a bit boring to me. I feel like if there were some more story starters in there it would make fabo more likeable and enjoyable.
    Other than that though, an excellent and creative website.

    1. I agree. I am a teacher and some of my Year Students are keen to get involved in FAbo but are waiting for a different story starters. I prefered the old system of a different genre/context each fortnight. Waiting with anticipation….

      1. Hi Megan
        Thanks for your feedback and support. I’m sorry to hear your students aren’t especially enamoured by the current version of FABO. It’s certainly something we’re going to promptly consider. Each year the team tosses around several ideas/concepts trying to find one we are inspired by and can all agree on. It’s often a bit of a challenge, I must say! Naturally some ideas will appeal to kids more than others, but it’s all largely guesswork with no guarantees.
        We’re currently reassessing this year’s concept, so please stay tuned!
        Best wishes,
        Kyle on behalf of the FABO team

  2. I love fabo story.Mt teacher first introduced this website to me last week and I tried my best . But I think that i wrote more that 500 words at first I thought 500 words was going to be difficult but I did m best

  3. This is so amazing! I have entered four times and I’m loving being able to write every week. Thanks for creating Fabo Story!

  4. I did it for my first time EVER IN MY LIFE!!!!I DID IT!I DID IT!I entered the competition and my story is awesome[to me]!And I told my teacher how before he told the people who he wanted to in the competition I wrote and crazy ending that I will finish on Microsoft word[or google slides!]!

  5. It’s so sad that this is the last Fabo story competition for 2018! I hope that the story starters come back early next year!

  6. I used this site and found it worked really well!This is awesome!I hope more people who like writing stories find out about this site!
    Definitely recommend it!

  7. Lot’s of fun to do! I am a student, and got introduced to Fabo by my teacher. I’m very glad I did too, because every week I challenge myself to a story! Though a few are tough, I manage. I enjoy seeing the results too, and reading the winning stories!

      1. Sorry I only read this now. I really appreciate you replying to me. I love the funny and original ideas that the authors give you. (Thank you too Corrector, I read a lot of books and even wrote a whole play script for my school, therefore I learnt to write properly. If that makes sense.)

    1. Hello Ava! Yeah, this Fabo story thing is so cool! I introduced it to my teacher, so now we are going to do this as a class. I really want to continue this, as i enjoy it a LOT, and intend to continue it until I get too old.

    1. Yeah, I know! can believe that the last two times my story has been mentioned! In the last one, my unicorn-goats, and the one before that, my dog-eating one was a strong contender! Thank you Fabo for giving me even more motivation to write. I really love this

    1. I hope you get a runnerup Sarah! (i want 1st, and i’m a good writer as well, so you got competition. Well, technically I’ve never won, so some people may be better and more likely to win, but….) Anyone know when Fabo starts again?


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